This article applies to 6920, 6930 and 6940. We have demonstrated on a 6940 with the large touch screen but the principles apply to all 69xx models. With the 6930 and 6920 you will need to use the dial pad to navigate the menu rather than touch the screen. Out of the box all these handsets need to be converted into SIP mode. These handsets will only work on MCS version 5.1 and above with Mitel MiVoice office version 6.3 and above, each handset will need a CAT F license and a Mitel Phone manager license.

Press the setting cog on the bottom left

It will ask for a PIN, enter 73738 and then press enter

Press the network icon (Scroll along using the button keypad for 6920 and 6930)

Go to static settings

Scroll down to TFTP server address and enter the IP address of your MCS server. You can get this from your system administrator or a Fusion support representative. Press save and then the handset should ask for a reset, if it doesn't just navigate to the restart menu as per the picture below and restart the handset

The handset will then restart and go through the process of finding a DHCP address, then it should show its downloading firmware to put it into SIP mode as per below

Once the firmware has downloaded it will reboot again. After the reboot, our phone looked like the below

The above means its in SIP mode but isn't talking properly to the MCS server. Click the settings cog then go into advanced, you should get a password screen up again, this time enter 22222

Navigate to configuration server

Press the blue arrow key until you get to HTTPS

Enter the MCS server IP address in the HTTPS server section. Change the HTTPS port from 443 to 8202. Type "config" in the HTTPS path. Leave client method as TLS preferred.

We also needed to untick the last 3 boxes, Cert validation, Check Expires and Check Hostnames

Hit save and it should ask for another reboot. 

When it comes back up it should indicate its downloading new firmware. Eventually it should show the red screen below, press setup then enter *** followed by the extension number you are trying to register followed by the ok key. Your handset should not register with the MCS server and be available for use.