How to set a Mitel 5610 - Dect Stand to communicate with a MiVoice 250 (5000) over a unique SIP Port

IP DECT Stand – VOIP Account configuration:

  • Registrar:  Enter the IP address of the 5000 PM (or PS-1) immediately followed by “: port number “. For example  51060 being the new SIP UDP Port number.
  • Server Port and Outbound Proxy Port: Enter the new SIP UDP Port number. Example here is 51060. 

MiVoice 250 (5000) system Configuration: 

  • SIP Phone Group – PXXXX – Configuration – “Port Number” Enter the new SIP UDP Port number.
  • IP Settings – Advanced IP Settings - SIP UDP Listening Port. Enter the new SIP UDP Port number.

NOTE: This is a system wide setting.  Once reset, the 5000 system will ONLY listen for SIP traffic on this specific port number. ALL SIP Traffic must now communicate with the 5000 by this SIP UDP Listening Port number. 


IP Dect Stand: Setup X 1561 handset to communicate with the 5000 using UDP Port 51060.

MiVoice 250 Change the following parameters to the new SIP UDP Port Number.

System reboot required.