Setting a single option: Using the Windows-provide Option 43, type the

following ASCII character string, after clicking once in the ASCII column:;sw_tftp=;call_srv=;vlan=1;l2p=6;dscp=46

If Not using opt 43

o Setting several options:

Options 128 and 129: Option 128 provides the TFTP address, and

Option 129 provides call control information. Both should be set to the IP

address of the Base Server.

Option 130: Type the text string “MITEL IP PHONE” (case sensitive).

– Mitel also has two additional Options to consider if putting these phones

on a separate VLAN:

Option 132: Type the integer and set to “VLAN for IP Phone.

Option 133: Type the integer and set to “Priority on Vlan.” If using option

132, you must use option 133.