When watching Reporter Real-Time the user may think that calls are being sent to agents that haven't been the longest idle, when the hunt group is set to longest-idle.

Here are a couple of reasons why Reporter Real-Time may show this;

  • The user probably consults the Time in Status statistic to decide how long the agent has been free.  One thing to bear in mind is that the agent could of been in many different states since the last ACD call and Time in Status only shows the elapsed time since the last change.  For instance, it could have been 1 hour since an agent last took an ACD call, but since they just finished an outbound call say 20 seconds ago, the time in status, (in this case being free), would show 20 seconds, hence not reflecting the time since they last took an ACD call.
  • Another reason is the way in the which the Mitel calculates who is longest idle.  The time an agent last took a call for a particular ACD group is used to determine who is longest idle, and by default this is remembered even if that agent logs out.  This means that if an agent logs out to go home, when they login the next day, the last call they took was during the previous day, so if another agent had logged in earlier and had taken a call, and then was idle for 30 minutes the newly logged in agent would have been idle longer.  This behavior can be modified by the Restart ACD Idle Time Upon Login for each HG flag which can be adjusted on a per hunt group basis.