If you want to program the keys on your Mitel 3300 / MiVoice Business phone then follow this quick guide explaining how.

To program a key:

  1. Press Settings
  2. Press Programmable Keys.
  3. Press the key you wish to program.
  4. Press View Features.
  5. Use the Page Navigation keys to move through the features list.
  6. Select the desired feature or fixed function key from the list. A default label is automatically assigned to the key.
  7. Enter the required information in the fields provided, if necessary.
  8. If you are programming any feature other than Message Waiting Indicator and Call Park and Call Park Retrieve, press Save and you are finished with this procedure. If you are programming Message Waiting Indicator and or Call Park, perform the following steps:
    • Press the Edit Number field.
    • In the on-screen keyboard, enter the appropriate numbers that correspond to the phone whose messages you wish to be notified of. (Message Waiting) or the directory number (Call Park).
    • Press Save.
  9. Press Close.