To program Speed Call: 

1. Press Menu key. 

2. Press Settings. 

3. Press Programmable Keys. 

4. Press the key you wish to program. If it’s already programmed, press Clear Key. 

5. Press Speed Call. 

6. Press Edit Info and enter the label for the Speed Call. 

7. Press Save. 

8. Press Edit Number and enter the phone number for the Speed Call: 

 The maximum length is 26 characters.  0-9, # and *. Pause and Flash are not allowed.  You can use dial pad to enter the number. 

9. Press Save, and then press Save again. 

10. Press Close, and then press Close again. 

Notes:  To return to the Feature or Applications list at any time, press Cancel or View Applications.  You can also choose to Edit the Label, Clear Information, and Clear Key.