Vociemail user guide software version 8

VOICEMAIL REFERENCE GUIDEInitializing your Voice Mail box for the First Time:Can only be done from your phone extension the first time:  

Step 1.Lift Handset and Press Voicemail button.  

Step 2.When prompted enter password 1111

Step 3.  Follow Voice mail prompts

Step 4.  Press 8 for User Options

Step 5.  Press 7 to enter your new Password (Yournew password must be 4 to 10 digits and cannot  contain # or *) enter new password followed by the # key

Step 5.The system prompts you to record your Greeting for your callers. 

Step 6.Press 8 for User OptionsStep 7.Press 4 to record a greeting for your callers

Step 8.At beep record you’re greeting to your callers followed by the # keySample Greeting: You have reached ______, with Frontier Communications. I can help, but I am unable to answer your call at this time. Please leave your name, telephone number and message.  I will return your call as soon as possible. To reach an operator press 0.

Step 9.Press 3 to Erase Message, 7 to Review Message, Press 9 to Save Message

Step 10.  You will now be prompted to record your name for the Directory  

Step 11. Press 8 for User Options 

Step 12.  Press 6 to record Name (record only your First and Last name here)

Step 13.  At beep record your name, followed by the # keyStep 14.  Press 3 to Erase Message, 7 to Review Message, Press 9 to Save MessageYou have now successfully set up your mailbox, and can send and listen to messagesor Hang up