UC360 with Software version


1. First create a MN_Generic.csv file using following sample format.


2. On the USB drive, format it as FAT32. Make a folder /uc360/backups

     Copy the MN_Generic file to USB drive under folder /uc360/backups.


3.  Go to UC360 admin menu, if you need a password the default password is admin


Advanced – system settings – contacts settings – Import contacts from USB.

The contacts will be loaded automatically.

Additional Notes

Additional Notes

Go to Home - Contacts to verify the import file in right format.

To export from the 250 if you DON'T have native hotdesking- Go to the reports tab on Mitel System Admin and Diagnostics and create a Phones Individual report, click no on all options other than "show associated extensions" and export in Excel/csv format

If you have Native hotdesking - Log onto DB programming, go to phantom and hotdesk extensions, highlight all the extensions then right click on them and you have an option to export. Once you export that file you will need to manipulate the columns to look like the MN_Generic.csv file above. You will also need to rename the file to MN_Generic.csv from phones.csv too.