For global contacts the information is stored and accessed from a single location. This can include a text file in CSV format or a direct database connection using ODBC or OLE DB. The contacts from these locations are imported into the system either manually or on a pre-configured schedule. Each contact can contain up to 5 telephone numbers,10 custom fields (up to 1000 characters each) and a VIP flag and associated text. Each of the fields can be given a custom label to make it easier for the user, for example:

Field Label
number1 Home Number
number2 Mobile Number
number3 Work Number
field1 Full Name
field2 Address 1
field3 Address 2
field4 Post Code/Zip Code

When importing contact data the following information needs to be provided:

id: this must be unique and is used to identify the contact. This is used instead of the name or number as these are not always unique. This is also used to enable directory entries to be updated on an import as any fields that have changed will be updated as long as the id remains the same.

name: this is the value that is used when the contact is displayed in search results and on the client toaster.

number1, number2, number3, number4, number5: 5 different telephone numbers can be imported for a contact.

field1, field2, field3, field4, field5, field6, field7, field8, field9, field10: 10 custom fields can be imported for a contact.

vip: this flags the contact as a VIP and will be highlighted on any matches on the client toaster. If this is a VIP then set this value to true or 1, if this is not then false or 0.

vipText: this is the text that will be displayed if the contact is a VIP match.

Below is an example basic csv import


"201","Dipley Shippers","01299266291","","","Gold Client","Doncastor road SK123TG","GB1234"

"202","Head Office","01709554567","","","Red Client","Mill Lane S1 6HW","GB3489"

"203","jones plumbers","07961345678","","","Blue Client","Bewdley Busines Park","GB23498"