Web to the Apps suite server

[Servername or Address]
Log in to the app suite 


Click the configuration (Cog) icon in the top right

Navigate on the left to

6900 Handsets\phones

Highlight the phone you want to enable logging on

Click edit at the bottom of the form

In the pop up select the Phone diagnostic level required and click save

Logging for that handset is now enabled

Repeat the above and set to None and save to switch logging off

Collecting logs


There are 2 ways to collect logs


Via the web page 


Navigate on the left to 

Servers\Server name\General\Logging

Click the download server logs will provide a zip file with all todays logs


Via Windows explorer


RDP to the server

Open windows explorer and navigate to
C:\ProgramData\Mitel\Mitel Communication Service\Logs

Using either method you will find a folder called Handset which will contain the handset log files each will be in a folder with the phones MAC address as the folder name.