Making Calls - applicable to transferring calls

Making calls using Phone Manager is a simple process and can be achieved in a number of different ways: 

Dial a number you know by entering it into the Search or Dial box and press enter 

Dial a user or device from the Contacts window by double clicking or pressing the dial icon next to it

Search the directory by entering a name in the Search or Dial box to find a number to dial

Highlight a number in a different application and double click the Highlight & Dial icon which can be found on
the right hand side of you screen

Transferring Calls

Calls can be transferred by using the buttons on the call banner. The main Phone Manager Search or Dial or the
Contacts Window should be used for choosing the transfer destination. After pressing Transfer on the Call Banner the main Phone Manager window will be brought into focus ready for you to enter a number to dial.

Alternatively, dialling a number using any of the make call methods described above when a call is in progress will automatically setup a consultation transfer without having to first press a button on the Call Banner.

When performing a consultation transfer it can be completed or cancelled using the relevant buttons on the Call
Banner or simply hand up to complete.

Transferring a call can be done in several different ways depending on whether you want to transfer an answered call directly (blind transfer) or by announced transfer. Alternatively if the call is ringing, then you can divert the call before answer.


When connected to a call, context sensitive toaster action buttons appear to offer the user the system features

that are possible at the time. Softphone does not support transferring a connected call straight to a Voicemail box

Announced Transfer

To perform an announced transfer a consultation call needs to be set up before transferring the call. Whilst on a call click on the Transfer button and this will give focus to the main window with the cursor in the Search or Dial box, or go direct to the main window and find the contact, or use the hot key for Directory Search. Use any of these methods to find the contact to transfer the call to in the main contact window. Once the contact has been found, dial them and this will set up the consultation call. For example this shows a consultation call made to extension 1801.

As there are multiple calls at the extension now the summary panel appears to the left of the toaster. This shows all the calls at the current extension and clicking on each call will update the details on the right hand side with the relevant information for the call selected. 

The consultation call has not been answered yet but the transfer can be completed at any time by clicking on the Complete button.

To cancel the consultation call and not perform the transfer to this contact, click on the Cancel button (shown

above). This will then clear the consultation call and connect you back to the original call. 

Alternatively swap over to the enquiry call and click on the End button shown below. This will cause the original call to be left on hold and would need to be manually retrieved.


When a call is ringing the toaster action buttons change to reflect what you can do with this call.

To divert a call click on the Divert button and this will give focus to the main window with the cursor in the Search or Dial box. Search for the contact to divert the call to and click on the dial button next to their icon (or highlight it and press Enter) or type in the number in the Search or Dial box and click on Dial. The call will then be sent straight to this contact and the call will clear from your extension.

The toaster also provides a Send to voicemail button that enables a single click divert of a call to voicemail.

Multiple Calls

The toaster popup will show multiple calls at an extension by expanding to the left with a summary pane that lists all of the calls in progress. Clicking on the entry for a specific call will update the details on the right hand side with the relevant information for the call selected.

For a single call the toaster will be shown without the summary pane.

If a second call comes in the then toaster will expand with the summary pane. This example shows the first call as connected and the second call is ringing. 

If a third call comes in then this gets added. In this example the first call is connected and the second and third calls

are ringing.

Next to each call in the summary pane the icon to the left reflects the state of the call.