Sometimes there is a requirement to include more than one other person on a telephone conversation, this is called
conferencing. There are two ways the telephone system supports conferencing:

Meet-Me Conference -> A conference bridge that you dial into with a specific code
Ad-hoc Conference -> Choose the people to include in the conference from your telephone

Phone Manager provides an easy way to access either of these two features.

Meet-Me Conferencing

To join a Meet-Me conference, dial the systems' Conference Assistant and then enter the PIN for the
conference you wish to join.

If you have been invited to join a conference you will have been given the PIN of the person who invited you. If
you are joining your own bridge then unless you have been told otherwise your PIN will usually be the same as
your extension number.

Once you have joined a Meet-Me Conference, additional parties can be added using the Ad-hoc method

If you don't know the Conference Assistant number then search for 'Conference Assistant' in the search or
dial area of the Phone Manager UI

Ad-Hoc Conferencing

Conferences can be created on the fly using the 'Add Party' and 'Merge' buttons on the Call Banner. To start
an ad-hoc conference, follow these steps:

1. Ring the first person to be included in the conference.
2. Once they answer, press the 'Add Call' button on the Call Banner.
3. The call will be placed on hold and focus will be taken to the Phone Manager UI.
4. Dial the next person, this can be done by dialling someone directly from the Contacts screen or by
entering a number in the Search or Dial section
5. When the next call answers either press 'Merge' on the Call Banner to bring the calls into a conference
or press 'Add Party' and repeat steps 2 to 5 bring more people into the conference.

Depending on the time taken to setup up all the calls, the first call may start recalling from its 'On hold' status. If
this happens the call needs to be answered and held again to allow it to be conferenced.

Once a conference is in place a single entry will appear on the Call Banner with the number of parties in the
conference in brackets after.

Depending on how the telephone system is configured, the limit to the number of parties in an Ad-hoc
conference will be either 4 or 8.

If using Softphone, the software only controls conferences up to 3 parties.

Once a Conference is in progress, steps 2 to 5 can be repeated again to add addition people.

Pressing 'Merge' will add all calls that are currently 'On hold' or 'In progress' at the current extension into
the conference. Calls that are ringing will not be added.