Manual Forward

Your extension can have a manual forward set to divert calls to another destination under different circumstances.

The various forward states available to choose from are:

State Description
No Answer Forward calls when you don’t answer them. The default no answer time on the PBX is
15 seconds (This system wide timer can be changed)
Busy Forward calls only when your extension is busy.
No Answer Busy This option is a combination of the first two options.
All Calls Forward all calls that alert you extension immediately.

The "Forward calls" icon enables users to set their forward status and changes colour to indicate what state they are

currently in.

Clicking on the "Forward calls" icon when no forwarding is configured will allow the user to select 1 of the 4 options available. A text input box will then appear to prompt for a forward destination. In this box you can enter an internal or external number such as a mobile phone number (if external remember to include the number to access an outside


If the forward state is already configured, then clicking on the icon will remove the forward setting from your extension.

The MiVoice Office 250 system also supports pre-programmed forward rules called "System Forwarding".

Manual Forwarding will override any System Forwarding rules you may have set.