Call History

The call history provides a list of all of your recent call activity. This includes internal calls, external inbound and outbound calls and missed calls that were not answered. If the User has multiple devices (extensions/agents) associated with their profile then the history will show calls for all these whilst the User was linked with them (In other words the call history represents the Phone Manager user rather than the device on which the call took place).

The history is refreshed after a call is cleared from the current extension phone.

The call history does not require Phone Manager to be running to save the call information - the server logs the

call history centrally.

You are only able to see the last 3 months of call history on the client.

For each call the history tab shows the following information:

Name : This is either the name of the contact that has been matched to the call or if none is available then the

outside number.

Time: The time of day that the call was made or received.

Talk Time: The length of time that the call was connected.

Ring Time: The length of time that the call was ringing.

CLI: The caller id (Calling Party Number) or outside number. This is only populated for external calls.

DDI: The direct number dialled by the inbound caller. This is only populated for inbound external calls.

Hunt Group: The hunt group that the call came in on. This is only populated for inbound external calls.

Account Code: This shows any account codes that were set against the call whilst in progress.

As the main window is resized the number of columns shown will change as there is more space to display


To the left hand side of each entry the icon shows what type of call this is.

Next to each entry, on the right hand side, there are icons to dial the contact back and if the system has call recording

integration enabled and the User has playback rights, then they can listen to the associated call recording for the call.

The Call History window shows all internal, external and missed calls on all of your assigned devices.

When the Call History window is not open, any missed calls will be notified with a red circle on the tab. Calls can be
returned by pressing the handset icon.

A history of any calls made to or by any of the devices associated with your user account will be displayed. To see
additional information regarding calls expand the Phone Manager application to full screen.

Right clicking on a history line allows you to add the contact to your directory