Highlight & Dial

Dialling from another application (Highlight & Dial)

Often you will have the need to dial a number from another application. Commonly this will be a web page that
you want to dial the contact details from or an email someone has sent you.

To do this you can use the Highlight & Dial features of Phone Manager. Simply highlight the number you wish to dial and then double click on the Highlight & Dial button or use a Highlight & Dial hot key (See the Hot Keys section for details). You will find the Highlight & Dial button docked to the right-hand side of your screen.

You can move the Highlight & Dial button up or down the screen to suit your requirements.

Generally as long as the number can be copied to and pasted from the Windows clipboard then this should work. This can be tested by highlighting the telephone number and pressing Ctrl+C and then opening Notepad and pressing Ctrl+V. If the number appears then the test was successful.

Some 3rd party applications can perform their own clipboard control causing highlight and dial to not function correctly. Testing with a Phone Manager client is recommended to ensure full compatibility.