ACD Agent Control

ACD Agent IDs can be used on the MiVoice Office 250 system to log in and out of whichever ACD hunt groups you
Agent ID belongs to. Each hunt group would generally indicate a different type of call to be answered or indicate a
specific skill set to use for that call.
The ACD icon enables users to control their ACD status and changes colour to indicate what state they are currently

When you are logged out and press the ACD icon the list of hunt groups for the agent ID that is assigned to your user account are shown. Clicking on "Login agent (xxxx)" will log into all ACD groups that this agent ID is a member of. Alternatively select the specific hunt group that you wish to login by clicking on the group.

To use a different agent ID click on the "Login with agent ID" option and then enter the ID in the box shown and this
will log the agent into all groups. The list of individual hunt groups will then be updated for this agent ID to enable
specific groups to be logged out of.

While logged in a tick will show against all hunt groups that you are logged into. The menu can then be used to login or out of any of the other groups at any time.

The ACD icon will only be displayed if the user has the "Enable ACD control" flag set against their Client Profile.

When using ACD agents with the Softphone it is recommended to enable the Auto agent login/logout setting in
the users Client Profile. If an agent is logged into a Softphone and is not connected then users may receive a
"destination not responding" message if they dial a hunt group they are a member. Other OAI applications may
also display the agent in a constant ringing state