The contacts tab within Phone Manager provides a view to provide real-time information about other devices including Users, extensions, agents, speed dials and hunt groups. This gives a single quick view of the status of these devices and call control features such as single click to dial.


Each device that is shown is part of a group. Clicking the directory button on the top left hand corner displays the
available directories and gives the User the ability to be able show or hide each group.

If there is a tick next to the entry then this will be shown. Un-checking this will cause the directory to be hidden.

Each Phone Manager User has their own Favourites group which they can add and remove devices to and from and is personal to each User. They can also add items from the Directories to this, for example Speed Dials, Personal Contacts, Central Contacts or Microsoft Outlook Contacts.

The other groups are created automatically from the Business Unit structure configured on the server.

Device Control 

For each device there are actions that can be performed. Right clicking on a device will display a menu of the
available actions and the options available are dependent on the type of device, the state of the device and the
license level of the client

Device Views

The contacts tab supports displaying the device information in either a large icon or a details view. The current view
can be changed using the view selection buttons in the top right corner.

The current view is highlighted in blue, with the large icon view using the left button and the details view on the right.

Large Icon View - Displays a grid of devices with large icons and up to *3 pieces of information about the

Details View - Displays a table of devices with more detailed information about their state

* The default information shown is Number, Status & Caller ID. To change the information displayed in Large Icon View, switch to Details View and move the columns around so that the information required is in the first 3 columns
after the Name column. The following information can be added in the Details View:

* Time based columns are only calculated from when Phone Manager starts. Time based columns by default update
every 5 seconds however this is configurable on the server.
** Only available when using a Team Leader license
*** These columns are not available if using a Standard license

 To add or remove columns from the Details View gird, right-click anywhere on the column headers and a menu will
appear. Select or unselect items in the menu to hide or show them. Columns that are already visible will appear with a tick against them in the menu:


 Columns can be re-ordered as required by left-clicking on the column header and dragging it to the required location.

Device Icons

Each type of device has a different icon and changes colour depending on the status of the device.