Phone Manager can integrate into a Call Recorder to provide direct access to playback the recordings for the User. Call recording can also be paused/resumed to enable specific parts of a call to not be recorded, for example when credit card details are being provided. Additional 3rd party licensing may be required to pause/resume call recordings.


Call recordings can be played back from the Call History tab within Phone Manager by clicking onto the

icon next to the specific call. This provides a direct link to the playback page for this call. To access the recording the User must have a valid account on the call recorder that grants them access to the call they are trying to listen to.

Pause / Resume

Call recordings can be manually paused and resumed by configuring a Toolbar button. This can be on the

main window integrated toolbar or on an external toolbar. When used on an external toolbar the button

highlight in the bottom right hand corner of the button will change colour based on the current state of the call


Call Tagging

Call recordings often have several custom fields that can be populated and Phone Manager provides a way to do this from a toolbar button or from a macro. They can be configured so that a specific tag field and value is used each time, or it can prompt the user to enter a custom value each time.