Presence Profiles

Presence Profiles provide mechanism for controlling many aspects of a user's extension. If enabled to use Presence
Profiles, each user is given a default set of profiles that they can add to, edit or delete as they require.

Profile information

Each profile has a name which will be visible to other users of Phone Manager when it is selected. The profile
name can then be supplemented with Additional Information that can be changed as required and will also be
visible to other users. For example, the profile 'In a meeting' could be supplemented with 'until 4pm' to provide other users with more information about status.

If the profile selected is configured to enable DND then the Additional Information will be added to the
DND status text on the telephone system.

Extension Control

Each Presence Profile can control the following aspects of the user's primary extension:

Do Not Disturb
UCD Hunt Group Status
Dynamic Extension Express

When a profile is changed, any extension status changes are applied to the user's primary extension and any
extension they have Phone Manager connected to (apart from the DEE control which is only applied to the
primary extension).

For more information on Presence Profiles, read the section on Editing Presence Profiles.

Presence profiles can only control whether each of your devices is active or not (will ring or not). Configuration for what order they ring in must be made on the phone system.

Using Presence Profiles

The currently in use profile is visible under the username at the top of the main Phone Manager window. To
change the profile in use, use the drop down menu to the right of the current profile and select the new profile
to apply. The currently selected profile will have a tick next to it.

Selecting 'Manage Profiles; is a shortcut to edit the Presence Profiles in Settings.

Configuration Warnings

In some scenarios a warning may appear to warn of a possible configuration issues.

When the warning triangle appears it will be for one of the following scenarios:

Your device status does not match your current Presence Profile configuration

When this message displays, it means the status of the user's Primary Extension is not as configured on the currently selected Presence Profile. This could be because a manual change has occurred on the extension such as it has manually been placed in DND. To fix the configuration left-click on the warning triangle and accept the prompt that appears.

Your extension will not ring with the currently selected profile

When this message displays it means that the extension that Phone Manager is currently connected to is not
configured to ring in the currently selected Presence Profile. If the extension is required to ring then edit the
current profile or select another one where it is configured to ring.