Chat is an instant messaging style feature that allows Phone Manager Users to exchange short messages with each
other. When a chat session is started, a new conversation is created that groups the messages sent together. If a User
is offline when a chat message is sent, they will be notified of new messages when they next come online.

Pay attention to the icon for a user you wish to commence a chat session with. The colours give you a hint as to the
status of their phone and the type of icon indicates whether the user is likely to see your chat message straight away or
later on.

Initiating/Accessing a Chat Session

If the chat icon is not visible along the top section of the application, permission has not be granted on the server
to access the chat features. If the chat icon is visible but is greyed out, there are currently no chat sessions in

To initiate a chat session, right-click on a user's icon in the Contacts view and select chat from the menu (This
menu shows the options available with the Phone Manager Team Leader license for a contact centre manager).
Chat sessions can be started with user's already on the contacts view or users that have been returned from a

The maximum length per chat message is 2500 characters.

This is what your chat session would look like.

Message Notifications

If the chat window is not the active window then when a new message is received then the icon on the start
menu will turn orange.

Clicking on the icon will display the new message. Messages you send are shown on the left and messages
received are shown on the right. The time of the message is tagged to the right of the message.

Next to each conversation if there are new unread messages then the number of them will be shown against
Users conversation.

Multiple Chat Sessions

Multiple chat sessions are grouped by the User who the message is sent to or received from. Each User has the
list of conversations shown on the left hand side and clicking on the name will change the right hand window to
show the history.

Group Chat

Phone Manager supports chat conversations between 3 or more users. To add another user to a chat session,
press the '+' icon at the top of the conversation window and then search of the user. A list of the users currently
involved in the conversation is displayed at the top of the conversation window. a user's avatar will appear next
to any of their messages to help identify them.
Currently group chat is not available for Phone Manager Mobile.

Hiding Chat Sessions

Chat sessions can be hidden to remove completed conversations from the UI. To hide a session right click on
the user on the left hand navigation menu and select 'Hide Conversation'.
If a user is using Phone Manager Mobile then they will always appear 'Online' for Chat.