This article demonstrates how to set up the Vigor Router as an SSL VPN gateway to allow Internet clients, especially Windows PC, to access the local network by an SSL VPN tunnel. In the article, we show the configuration required for the router, as well as how to start the SSL VPN connection from a PC using Smart VPN Client, the free VPN client app provided by DrayTek.

Setup on Vigor Router
DrayOS Linux

1. Make sure the router is connected to the Internet and has a public WAN IP address so that VPN clients on the Internet can reach it.

2. At VPN and Remote Access >> Remote Access Control, make sure "SSL VPN Service" is enabled.

screenshot of DrayOS VPN Access Control

3. Create user profiles for SSL VPN clients. Go to VPN and Remote Access >> Remote Dial-in User. add a profile as follows:

  1. Check "SSL Tunnel" for Allowed Dial-In Type.
  2. Enter Username and Password.
  3. Click OK to save the profile.
DrayOS SSL VPN User Setup
SSL VPN Setup on Windows

1. Launch Smart VPN Client, click Add to create a new VPN profile.

a screenshot of Smart VPN Client profile list

2. Configure the VPN Profile as follows:

  1. Enter Profile Name
  2. Select "SSL VPN Tunnel" in Type
  3. Enter Vigor Router's WAN IP in IP or Hostname
  4. Enter User Name and Password
  5. Click OK

a screenshot of Smart VPN Client profile setup

3. Initiate the VPN by selecting the VPN Profile and swift to Connect.

Connecting VPN

4. Confirm User Name and Password, and click OK to start the SSL VPN connection to Vigor Router.

a screenshot of Smart VPN Client prompt for credentials

5. The status will show "connected" once the connection established.

a screenshot of Smart VPN Client Connection status