If you need to check or change the static Vlan information on your Mitel handset please follow these steps. This was done on a Mitel 5312 but is the same procedure for all 53xx handsets

Unplug your handset and plug it back in holding down both volume keys until you see this screen

Press the * key to enter the network parameters menu. Then press * to get to the Static QOS menu

Press * to enter then menu then # to get you to "Modify Static QOS" you should then get the below

Pressing the down arrow key once gets you to the Vlan menu where you can enter the vlan id, if you make a mistake press * to delete. Once entered press the down volume key to scroll through the rest of the options until you get to "store Changes", press * to store, then it will ask for a reboot. Please reboot the handset by pressing *

You handset has now been programmed