Handset Images

Mitel 6900 series handsets have the ability to display background images and screen savers. Both of these types of image can be customised as required. Handset images can be created on the server and then assigned to phones as a background image or screen saver through a Configuration Profile.

Adding / Editing Handset Images

To create or edit a handset image on the server, an image file for each Model type must be provided. The image sizes for the models currently supported are shown in the table below:

Model No Screen/Image Size in Pixels (Width x
6920 320 x 240
6930 480 x 272
6940 800 x 480

Any images file uploaded must also have the following properties:

JPEG format

24 or 32bit depth

Less than 1MB in size

To add a handset image, press the 'New' button and enter a unique description into the window that appears. Upload images for all handset models and then press 'Save'.

Background Images

To use a handset image as a background image, the configuration option 'Background Image' must be used. Edit or create a new configuration profile, add a new configuration option for 'Background Image' and then select the handset image from the list provided. If applied to the [Default] configuration profile, the background image will display on all phones. Background images can then be overridden in specific configuration files if required for different departments etc.

If a dark image is provided, it may not be possible to read the extension number, time and other idle screen properties. If this is the case, the 'Idle Screen Font Color' configuration option can be used. Background images only appear on the handset while it is idle. Background images can be useful for showing hot desk status. By configuring a different images for fixed phones and hot desk phones, user will be able to see from a distance which phones are free to logon to.

Creating/Adjusting the screensaver

Each 6900 handset by default runs a local screen saver with pre-loaded images. using Handset Images uploaded to the MCS, it is possible to customise the screen saver. Screen savers configured on the MCS can be applied to handsets using 

Configuration Profiles.

Creating / Editing Screen Savers

A screen saver is a group of one or more handset images. Before screen savers can be created, the images required must already have been uploaded through the Handset Images configuration section of the MCS website.

To create a new screen saver, press the 'New' button then give enter a unique description in the form that appears.

Press the plus icon to the right of the Images property and select an image from the context menu. Repeat this process adding as many images as needed. If required, the same image can be added more than once. when all the images required have been added, press the 'Save' button.

To apply the screen saver to a handset, create a new Configuration Profile or edit an existing one. Add a new configuration option and select 'Screen Saver Background Image'. Select a screen saver from the list provided then save the option and profile.

Screen savers applied in the [Default] configuration profile will apply to all handsets.

The following configuration options can be used to control how the screen saver appears on the handsets: ScreenSaver Time, time in seconds before the screen saver appears on the phone ScreenSaver Refresh Timer, time in minutes for the phone to switch between images in the screen saver
If required, different screen savers can be applied to different handsets / models by using multiple configuration