MiContact Centre Office\MiCCO\CSM unable to sync with the AMC 


MiCCO\CSM syncs initially but then does not sync again with the AMC.


Investigating the issue:

Open the ’licensemanager.log’ which can be found in the folder below 

C:\ProgramData\Mitel\Customer Service Manager\Server\logs

You may then see this error:

ERROR : AmcLicenseManager::SyncLicense - Failed to synchronize with the AMC. Sync tool returned 73. Connection to AMC couldn't be established. (E_W32SYNC_CONN_FAILED)

ERROR : AmcLicenseManager::SyncLicense - License manager error code: 16. Failed to sync with the AMC. (LM_AMC_SYNC_FAILED)’

You can also look on the AMC to see the date the software last synced 

In some cases, you may find that your license has expired, if this is the case then there are a few more steps you need to follow in the resolution section. You will be able to tell the license has expired as it will have a red notification on the AMC and the server monitor icon will display an !.


Check all required ports are open for the software to sync with the AMC (these can be found in the MiCCO Technical Handbook)
Run the attached registry change on the MiCCO server [CSMLicense.reg ]
Right click on the ‘server monitor’ icon and open the MiCCO control panel, select the ‘License Status’ tab and click ‘Sync’ this will now sync the license with the AMC provided the correct ports are open.
If the license has expired, you will also need to do one of the following:


  • Clear the hardware ID on the AMC.
  • Go to Programs and Features and modify or change MiContact Centre Office
  • Click Next until the licensing screen, at this point select deactivate.
  • When the warning appears click yes then click next all the way through the setup wizard.
  • Once the setup wizard has completed you should then be able to press the sync button in the control panel and check this has worked successfully or check via the AMC


  • Clear the hardware ID on the AMC.
  • Navigate to C:\Programdata\Mitel\customer service manager\licensemanager and rename the folder ‘sync’ to ‘sync_old’ or similar
  • Open the MiCCO Control panel select the ‘license tab’ and click the ‘sync’ button

Note: Expiry is only applicable to Virtual starter packs as these are set to expire on the AMC if the software has not attempted to sync in 6 months.


Check the licensemanager log mentioned above to see if the error still appears after the sync, look on the AMC to confirm the last sync date has updated to the time the manual sync occurred.