Manual Firmware Updates

This section outlines how to perform a manual firmware update on a 6900 handset.


A TFTP server ( such as TFTPD64)

The .st firmware file for the model handset you require (These are available from the MCS server %ProgramData%\Mitel\Mitel
Communication Service\Net Store\Firmware)

IP address of the 6900 Handset (use settings and status on handset to find this)

IP address of the TFTP server


1. Place .st firmware file in the TFTP server directory (ensure that no MiNET files are present.
2. Press the gear button to go into setting on the 6900 phone.
3. Select 'Advanced' settings (default password is 73738)
4. Select 'Network' then 'Static' settings.
5. Enter the IP address of the TFTP server then press 'Save' (ensure your IP phone has an IP address assigned)
6. Select 'Restart' from the base settings screen on the phone.
7. The IP phone will attempt to download MiNET firmware on boot up. When not found, it will subsequently download the SIP firmware.